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Support the Joseph Campbell Foundation

The Joseph Campbell Foundation invites you to experience the power of myth. Your support makes that work possible, and we can’t thank you enough — but we’ll try.

Donate any amount from $10 or higher before December 31, and as a thank-you gift you’ll receive an ebook version of the Foundation's new book, The Mythopoetic Impulse: Selected Essays 2017-2022, by Bradley Olson, PhD.


Brad brings his expertise as a mythologist and psychotherapist to these beguiling essays, which explore myth as it intersects with psychology, literature, art, and culture studies. Each of these domains lends understanding and relevance to the others. This reciprocity enables deeper relationship to beauty, to the fascinating mysteries of existence, to nobility and creativity—in short, to life itself.

This offer runs through December 31, 2023.

Thank you so much for supporting this work. 

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